Tuesday, March 18, 2003

Coming to Blog near you ...

I have got a Blue Monkey bluetooth dongle in the post, so I am going to start messing with that soon. And while shopping at PalmDirect I saw that they are now doing their own screen protectors with a special offer (half price if you buy two accessories - they say 'not including stylus packs' but forgot to tell the guys who coded the check-out!).

I have an odd relationship with screen-protectors: I want to use them but always find myself giving up after a short while. This time the motivations are two: I am finding that the TT screen is very prone to glare when used outdoors in sunlight, and I also seem to have a static problem - every piece of dust/lint within a 3 mile radius rushes enthusiastically to my TT screen even while the Cover-up is closed.

Audible Update

Audible have done a minor update of both the desktop Audible Manager and the player for the TT. The main (only?) benefit as far as I can see is that it now allows you to have multiple book on the TT. That is a godsend if you are nearing the end of one and about to make a long journey!