Thursday, March 20, 2003

Blue Monkey

So, Elisabeth sent me her Blue Monkey BT dongle because she had spent several days trying to get her iPAQ to sync to a WinXP box and none of the software would configure, plus it had bugs, plus ... See here for the story. The Blue Monkey is not officially Mac compatible, but I thought I would give it a try.

Jaguar rocks! I plugged in the dongle, went to System Preferences and there was a Bluetooth icon. I then paired it with my TT (this took me almost 5 whole minutes because - silly me - I had set the TT not to be discoverable. Duh!). To Hotsync, I had to create a new connection 'BT to Mac', and then find the Bluetooth Serial Utility in my Utilities folder and check a box next to 'bluetooth-pda-sync', and do the same in the Transport Manager. And that was it - I was hotsyncing via Bluetooth.

Transferring files from the TT was as simple as any beaming, but in the other direction I would get an error message saying 'File type not handled' or whatever even when it was a .prc. Interestingly, despite the error message the files transferred fine.

What impressed me most was that I had set all this up in 8 minutes without having to install any software at all. No drivers, nothing. It just plugged in and worked. Sharing a network connection is going to be a little harder,since I am still using a dial-up from home, but I relish the challenge.