Monday, March 24, 2003

Voice on Mac

I think I must have made a mistake last night, because try as I might now, I cannot get Voice Memos from the SD card to the Mac using a normal Hotsync. So the behaviour is no different to the Windows version. So if you are making lots of Voice Memos on your TT, you either need BackupBuddy to back-up the SD card, or a card reader. But at least there is no conversion process.

Meanwhile, I have installed the driver for the Ultra-Thin keyboard and have had no end of Hotsync problems. What a pain.

The strange behaviour of Voice Memos

I do not use the Voice Memo feature of my TT very much, and as a consequence had missed the 'great innovation': here is a Palm built-in application which allows you store data on external memory!

The way Voice does this is by storing the memos as standard .wav files in the /Audio/ folder. Which means, btw, that the TT has the ability to play standard sound files straight out of the box. It is just compressed formats like MP3 which need an add on player.

Then the question arises: how did Palm decide to handle this huge departure when designing the desktop conduit? And the answer is 'badly'. Voice Memos stored on SD are simply not available in Palm Desktop - if you want that feature you must manually move them to RAM. But while investigating this last might, I found that on my Mac, the .wav files from the SD card were backed up to the folder /USERNAME/Voice Memos/Sounds/ and could thus be played on the desktop in Quicktime. In work today I thought I would check out what happens in Windows. Well, the folder /USERNAME/Voice Memos/Sounds/ is there alright, and it contains .wav files, but these are just the ones from RAM. The files on the card do not seem to have made it to the PC at all. No comment.