Wednesday, March 26, 2003

Self-reflexive Eye Candy

Too much text in the Blog recently, so here is a screenshot of, you guessed it, this Blog being viewed on my TT with iSilo:


Keyboard & Mac

On Monday an Ultra-thin keyboard arrived so I installed the driver (1.9T) and started to use it immediately. I am not a particular fan of external keyboards, but they have their uses, which for me is mainly taking notes in the library.

I Hotsync my TT to a Wintel laptop at work and to my Mac at home. To cut a long storydown to size: I have to disable the keyboard driver to Hotsync to the Mac, but have no problems with the laptop. I find it hard to believe that the Mac is using a different protocol to Hotsync, but I cannot explain this oddity. Does anyone else have trouble Hotsync-ing to a Mac with the keyboard driver enabled?

Checking the Palm website this morning I find that there is a newer driver, v.1.92, which has a date of 19th Feb. I will not find out if this solves the problem Mac Hotsync until I get home tonight. But it has solved a different one: when I used the keyboard to pull down the menus, he screen would not redraw properly. That seems to work fine. The only remaining niggle is that if you use the keyboard to access the menus, a second press on the relevant key (Blue Fn + K) will only hide the menu if you have not pressed an arrow key.