Wednesday, April 02, 2003


Looking at the webstats for this page, I discover that 9.02% of visitors (i.e. more than 4 per day) do not use Windows, Mac or a flavour of Unix. That suggests that some people are browsing with their Palms. Oddly, however, only 5.44% are not using some flavour of MSIE, Netscape or Opera. I guess that just goes to show how little you can really tell from webstats.


This blog has been a bit quiet of late, so I thought I would run a 'competition' to liven things up. I have a Piel Frama black and tan leather case with belt-clip to give away in return for the best Tungsten T tip or trick I get sent by 5th April. 'Best' here is totally subjective, i.e. it means the one I like the most!

Quasi-Legal stuff: this is not really a competition in any legal sense of the word. I make no promises. I am just inviting you guys to send me your favourite tips and tricks and if any of them are any good, I will probably publish them on this Blog. And I do have a brand new unused Piel Frama case surplus to requirements, which I will give away to a reader of this Blog, probably on the basis of the tip or trick s/he sends me before the 5th April.

Natu to Scuba

I have been using the Vaja 'Natu' case for the last few days and was really quite taken by it: it is like a protective glove around your TT. I felt really confident that the TT would be protected from bumps and grazes. You have to take the TT out to use the Hotsync cradle, and that is a fiddly, so I Hotsync by bluetooth to my Mac and have ordered a really cool sync'n'charge cable from Brando. Having the hard buttons covered up is not that bad. I quickly became used to how best to press them, and found that using the stylus on them was very efficient. More irritating is that you cannot use the XT keyboard with the TT in the Natu case.

But it was not these gripes which led me yesterday to put the Natu back in my drawer and start using the Scuba case again! Yes, the much maligned Scuba case. Because I had to take the TT out of the Natu to Hotsync at work, I found myself using the naked TT, and it felt so good in my hand. I realized that the Natu case was adding enough bulk to change the ergonomics of teh Palm. But why the Scuba? Well, because it uses the same side-clip attachment as the standard plastic screen cover, it is really easy to pop the TT in and out. So it goes in the Scuba case when in my pocket or bag, and comes out when I am in my office or at home.

However, when ordering the cable from Brando, my mouse slipped and I 'accidentally' ordered one of these as well: