Friday, April 11, 2003

E-mail Address Change

Just in case any readers have added my address to their addressbook, please be warned that I am dropping �� in favour of ��. Why? Because the former is a spam magnet. Pick a domain, any domain you like, you can be sure that �tom@that.domain� will be a valid e-mail address. It makes you a sitting duck.

Hard Reset

I had a nice reminder today of why Palms are so great. - I had been messing around trying to set up a PPP over bluetooth connection last night. When I went to bed I noticed my TT was doing something funny, but assumed it would just power down and I could sort it out in the morning when I was more awake. WRONG. It must have got itself into an infinite loop and by this morning the battery was dead.

This could have been a real disaster. But all I did was pop the TT in the cradle, do a hard reset to get it going again, then Hotsync (twice) and everything was completely back to last night. Doing regular Hotsyncs is essential for this to work, and I also do a daily back-up to SD card, but the point was that recovering from a total failure involved no knowledge or skills (except how to do a hard reset). No data was lost, nothing needed to be re-installed, and it only took a few minutes.

The only problem I did encounter was due to the fact that I use Launcher X with automatic refresh turned OFF. Until I did a manual refresh, every time I tried to change 'tab', the TT reset itself.

I did not restore from the back-up to SD card for two reasons. (1) I use BackupBuddyVFS, which I bought in OS4 days, and it does not handle restores very well on the TT. One can get around this by using Filez to copy everything over. (2) The main function of having the back-up on the SD card for me is to recover individual databases which I have messed up by a bad decision or a weird experiment.