Saturday, April 26, 2003

I have recently gone back to using ThoughtManager for keeping lists. Thus I distinguish between (i) ToDos, which are dated reminders (or sometimes suggestions) to do specific tasks, (ii) Lists, which are undated and either breakdown major tasks into their components or keep track of future contingencies such as films to watch and books to read, and (iii) Memos, which are all those scraps of information about the world and about my thoughts which need to be kept on hand or at the least not assigned to oblivion.

Software-wise, ToDos go into DateBk5, which is getting more and more TT-friendly with each release, lists are kept in ThoughtManager, and Memos are handled by pedit. These are all excellent poducts but I find one thing about ThoughtManager irritating: it keeps each list in a separate database. This does not affect the functionality, but it is unnecessary and out of keeping with the Palm approach to computing.