Wednesday, April 30, 2003

Palm Desktop

The US Palm site has now got downloads for Windows and Mac versions of Palm Desktop which will work with all Palms (thanks to Aaron for the tip). While the UK site has been advertising Desktop 4.1 for a week now, they mention nothing about VoiceMemos, hi-res Notepad support, or as on the US site, Quick Install and Palm Photos.

Setting aside the inability to keep the UK website properly up to date, it seems like Palm's thinking is: the only reason for having a download available is when there is a newer version of the software available for a Palm than that which was distributed with it. Apart from this being simply false (people lose CDs, forget to take them to remote sites etc), it conflicts with one of the big selling points of Palms: Palm produces a good-quality, regularly updated desktop PIM for free. If you use a PPC, you need to use, and keep paying for, the latest versions of Outlook. Take a look at Elisabeth Liddell's rant here.