Friday, May 02, 2003

A utility for the tidy-minded Mac-Palm user

One really big weakness of the Palm Desktop software is that it does not allow you to mount the SD card in your Palm. So transferring MP3s has to be done by the painfully slow Hotsync process. hence most of us splash out on a cheapo USB SD card reader and transfer teh data to the SD card on the Mac.

So far so good, but the Mac OS insists on putting files (e.g. .Trashes) on every disk it mounts. These do not affect the ability of the Palm to access the SD card (or the ability of a Windows PC to read it, for that matter) but the tidy-minded amongst us don't like folders and files on our SD cards which have nothing to do with the Palm. SOLUTION: a little freeware utility called MAClean (the author says it can be pronounced as either MA-Clean or MAC-lean). It simply scans the SD card for unwanted data left there by your Mac, and removes it. Quick, simple, efficient and a great icon. Thanks Juergen.