Monday, May 26, 2003

T|T Update and Hard Resets

I have not confirmed this yet, but there seems to be a potential problem recovering from a Hard Reset if you have installed the T|T Update and use Backup Buddy.

Palm say that the Update is not backed-up and will need to be re-installed after a Hard Reset. But it appears that BackupBuddy does back it up and restore it, and the Palm does not like this at all. It invites you to reset and then goes into an infinite (I guess - I did not wait *that* long) loop.

The simple solution would be to remove the Update from the Backup folder before restoring. Unfortunately I have not yet worked out which are the offending files. Using BackupBuddyVFS to restore from an SD card and then re-installing the update seems to have worked. BTW, the OS5 version of BackupBuddyVFS is in beta-testing, but it still throws up some error messages during a restore. I just ignore them.

Tungsten W Bluetooth

Just browsing the Palm Support site I noticed that they have now released the software to enabled the T|W to use the Bluetooth SD card. It is here.

That is obviously good news for T|W owners, promising for T|C owners and, indirectly, quite important for T|T owners, since it shows that Palm is still committed to bluetooth technology. With none of the 3 new models since the T|T having built-in bluetooth, I think some T|T owners were beginning to worry that their investments in BT kit might become prematurely obsolete.