Tuesday, August 26, 2003

BT Hotsync

A reader called Gido suggested that I might deal with my slow bluetooth hotsyncs by changing the connection speed settings. This reminded me of those good ol' Geofox days: the Geofox often had trouble making a serial connection to a PC running Win95, and the solution was to set the baud rates as low as they would go (9600), then build them up until it was all working at a bearable speed.

So I changed the setting from 'Fastest possible' and made sure that both the Mac and the TT were trying to connect at 115k. I still have a problem with the PocketMoney transactions database, which is only 151kb but has 1881 records and takes 150 secods to back-up, but if I hotsync three times in a row without changing anything on the TT (1st one transfers data, 2nd one backs-up changed databases, 3rd one has nothing to do), I can get the hotsync time down to 90 seconds now, which is a great improvement.

Thanks Gido.