Friday, September 05, 2003

Daniel e-mailed with a question about back-up solutions and restoring the TT Update patch. The simple answer is: no back-up solution, either to SD crd or the desktop, can restore the patch - it needs to be re-installed.

However, there seems to be a much simpler solution: keep a copy of the original .prc file 'PalmTungstenTUpdate_enUS.prc' on your SD card, preferably in PALM/Launcher. If you run this as a normal app from the launcher, it appears to install all the patches (well, all the ones I looked for, and it consumes 600kb of RAM then asks for a reset).

[I have just done several hard resets to test this. I think it is a tribute to the robustness of the PAlm OS that I am happy to do such things with my main PDA.]

My only problem after a hard reset is LauncherX - it crashes every time I try to run it. Since it is mapped to the Home button, it takes a bit of ingenuity to deal with this. I have to do a soft reset to get to the Preferences panel, then map one of the hard buttons to Applications. Then use that to launch Filez, delete the LauncherX application (but not data) from the Palm, and then copy teh LX application from my SD card back-up onto the Palm. And then all works fine.