Wednesday, September 17, 2003


People who own a T|T and a Mac should be rightly miffed that Audible ignore them. In the minds of Audible marketing people, if you use a Mac, then the only mobile audio device you use is an iPod. I can understand them not having an auuble -> PPC converter, but why no audible -> Palm?

Anyway, there is a workaround, but if you live in the US even reading about this is probably illegal. If you download the Audible files you have paid for, you can listen to them in iTunes, but you cannot pla them with teh Palm Audible player, nor can you convert them to mp3s to play with PocketTunes. So this is what you must do:

1. Buy a large spindle of very cheap CD-Rs (you can guess the rest)
2. In iTunes, burn your Audible content to CD. This will take up about one CD per 80 minutes of Audible content.
3. Insert your newly created audio CDs into your Mac and open iTunes.
4. Select preferneces and change the settings to 32kbps and Mono.
5. Select your audio track from the CD and 'Import'.
6. Copy the resulting mp3 to your SD card (you will need about 8mb per CD on these settings) and listen with PocketTunes.

Time-consuming and wasteful, I admit, but at least you get the goods you paid for in a form you want them in.