Thursday, October 02, 2003

all is not perfect ...

Well, I borrowed a Windows PC at work to get the T|E registered for Audible and copy over my books again (there must be some 'encryption' which ties the copy on you SD card to a particular device, so if you change device you have to re-install the files - but at least Audible Manager now lets you do that to an SD card directly, without a hotsync). I had a quick play through the speaker to check it was all working, but did not get out my headphones until it was time to walk home.

YEUUCK! The sound is loud but lousy! So I have just spent some time trying to find out why no one has mentioned this. I think the solution may be that I did not install RealOne Player (preferring PocketTunes). If you read the 'MultiMedia Manual' carefully, you will see that RealOne has a Windows installer but Mac users have to do it themselves. And in the instructions for Mac users to install RealOne it says 'install all the .PRC files in the RealOne folder. And there in that folder is one called PalmAudioUpdate.prc. In other words, straight out of the box, the T|E needs a patch to play sound properly. Well done Palm - I thought only Micro$oft did that!

Unfortunately I left the USB cable at work, so I will report on the effect of installing this patch to-morrow.


Well, I have been playing with it for 3 hours now. The battery is down to 60%, but then I have done about 20 hotsyncs, plus a back-up to SD, and copied loads of stuff from teh SD card as well. SO that is roughly comparable to what I was getting on my TT.

What is not comparable to the TT is the screen - this is fantastic. I have yet to try it outside in bright sunlight, but inside it makes the TT seem gloomy - a bit like going back to a poor B&W screen.

Speed wise, the 126mHz OMAP seems as fast as the 144mHz in practice, and reading and writing to the card feels quicker.

32mb (28.8 user accessible) is masses of space. All teh software I have tried so far works, but one interesting thing is that the new 'Calendar' app, which replaces the Datebook and has categories, has imported my Datebk5 categories! I quite like it, and since 'Tasks' has alarms, I might even drop DateBk5.

Apart from the fingermarks and the flip-cover being imitation leather, this is a very impressive PDA. If you can make do with IR for connecting to phones, modems, keyboards etc., the T|E is a great buy.

New Toy

The blog has been very quiet recently due to my life getting in the way. But I joined in the feeding frenzy this week and bought a Tungsten E. Why? Well, it was very cheap, so I do not need to sell my T|T yet. And I was curious to see what this lowend 'business' device was like. And it comes with Docsto Go v.6 (the one with native file support), so I don't need to buy that. And it has a proper flip cover. And I use my T|T with teh slider open most of the time. [That's enough post facto rationalizations - Ed]

Anyway, it is having its first charge now and I have not turned it on yet. First impression: it is noticeably bigger in teh hand than a closed T|T, but also noticeably lighter. Overall, it feels cheap and plastic (the case is very shiny and finger marks show up instantly). The best quality parts of the package are the charger, which is very small and comes with international adapters making a travel charger unnecessary, and the stylus, which is made of metal and a decent size.

More later ...