Friday, October 03, 2003


I asked E&B cases about a Slipper case for the T|E, specifically mentioning the need for a cut-out for the headphone jack, and received this reply:

"Thank you, we are currently working on a case, please check our website in a few weeks for pre-order opportunities."

USB charging

The trickle charge through USB seems quite effective. My original charge on the T|E was down to 17% after 5+ hours of intensive use at full brightness. Then I did a quick hotsync to update my iSilo files, and after the hotsync, the charge was at 29%.

I am deliberately trying to condition the battery by allowing the first full charge to fully discharge - but it looks very much like an hour or so plugged into the USB cable every day will keep the T|Es battery fully charged.

Brando has announced a screen protector for the T|E, shipping on the 8th October. I am waiting for a retractable USB cable.


I did not list the software I had installed on the T|E yesterday, so every little while it will occur to me to comment on something:

1. The FitalyStamp overlays for the T|T fit perfectly on the T|E, and the software works as well.
2. I have resurrected TealLaunch, and its 'Tungsten Specific' button mappings work with the T|E's 5 way navigator. I use press'n'hold left for Previous APP, and press'n'hold right for LauncherX.

Sound success!

Installing PalmAudioUpdate did the trick - interesting that it is not available as a separate download from PalmOne Support. Call me a cynic or a conspiracy theorist, but I wonder if there was not some sort of deal with Real here: deliberately cripple the software, provide a patch, but only distribute it with RealPlayer. That may have been the plan with the original T|T, but Real failed to get the player out in time so Palm was forced to release the patch as a separate download.

Once the sound was up to quality, I did notice something I had not noticed on the T|T: Audible books at 'FM quality' (Audible format 3) sound distinctly low grade compared to MP3s played on the T|E. Makes me think that this really is quite a capable music player.