Thursday, October 09, 2003


I was away for the weekend, and have had a rather hectic week, so not much time for posting about my T|E experiences.

So far it is absolutely fine in day to day use, but not perfect. While I think the moral is that one shoud not even hope for perfection at this price, I will detail a few niggles:

1. The shiny surface marks very easily - even just the flip cover rubbing on it can leave a mark.
2. The 5-way navigator has a nice 'click ' to it, but this does not always correspond to a connectin being made. So you might press, hear the click, and yet nothing happens. This is especially bad with the up-direction.
3. When carried in a trouser pocket, the flip cver presses on the Calendar (aka Datebook) button. While there is an option to stop the T|E being turned on by hard button presses, that is a less than perfect solution since it requires one to use the fiddly Power button. I currently have TealLaunch set to 'Turn Off' with a long press on the offending button, and that solves most of the problems.
4. This is subjective (I might do some tests if I have a few minutes at the w/e), but it seems to me that there is a noticeable delay at power on. It might be an OS5.2.1 thing.

On teh basis of teh screen alone, I cannot imagie myself going back to the T|T. Closed and held in the hand, the T|T is much the better form factor, but in a pocket the T|E is the clear winner. Which is preferable when comparing the open T|T to teh T|E in the hand depends upon what case or cover you have with the T|T.