Wednesday, October 15, 2003


I noticed over at Freewarepalm thatCrash has been updated. Then I could not remember whether I had installed it on the T|E or not. Why couldn't I remember: not had any crashes yet!! That suggests OS 5.2.1 is considerably more stable that OS 5 on the T|T.

Battery Life

An interesting article by Ed Hardy at Brighthand on the function vs. battery life problem set me thinking: how come I don't mind charging my PDA every day (usually just a top up, but I still drop it in the cradle or whatever every day), but would resent charging my phone more than once a week?

My first thought about this question was overly subtle and complex: my phone is something I do not think about until it grabs my attention. It is part of the background of my life. My Palm, in contrast, is part of the foreground, it is something I am continuously seeking out, and interacting with.

However, I think the real explanation is much simpler: whenever I sit down at my desktop computer, I take my Palm out of my pocket and hotsync, and I sit at my desktop computer for several hours each day. So my Palm is charging all those times.

The break to routine is when I am away from home, on work or a holiday. But then either I do not expect to use my Palm much, or it is easy enough to take a charger since I am taking luggage anyway. In other words, I am making special plans for the trip, so planning in how to keep my Palm charged is minimal extra hassle. The important thing with a PDA is that you do not have to think about how to keep it charged in your day to day routine.

And if your day to day routine keeps you away from the desktop for long periods, you might note that the T|E charger is so small and light, that for a while I thought of carrying it about with me all the time anyway.

Tungsten T3

I see Craig is back blogging and has got his T|3 woes sorted out at last. I will be interested to read his experiences, but I am happy I saved the money and went for the T|E - not least because our central heating boiler needs replacing this winter!