Tuesday, October 21, 2003

T|E vs. T|T3

I went out for a beer with Craig last night and he brought along his T|T3. This was the first time I had had a really good play with one. It is a nice piece of kit, but I am happy to have the T|E and �150 change. The 'killer feature' for me is that the T|E really does fit comfortably in a shirt pocket.

What was quite clear is that the T|E has the better screen. It is brighter, and also it retains its clarity when viewed from a slight angle, whereas the T|T3 screen only looks its best when viewed head on.

The brightness issue could be explained by the need to conserve battery life on the T|T3, because, surprisingly, when you close the slider the lower portion of the screen goes black but remains illuminated by the backlights. So from a power consumption point of view, you are using the whole screen the whole time.