Sunday, November 09, 2003


Two days running my T|E discharged itself overnight. It was in the Proporta book-style leather case in my work bag. Since we had a guest staying, I had just slung the back down in the study and not looked at it until the morning.

The obvious culprit is the case, but every case I get, I test by pressing hard on various points to see if I can switch the PDA on. And the Proporta case passed with flying colours: I cannot switch on the T|E by pressing on the front of the case. The only other culprit I can think of is BackUpBuddyVFS, which is set to do an automated back-up every evening. But that has been working fine for months.

Whatever the cause, I decided I might try out the built-in Keylock function on the T|E. It is basic but effective. You can either have it on all the time, or triggered by a 2 second press on the power button. Once activated, the hard buttons on the front of the device are totally dead (compare Peter Easton's power-saving products - when they are activated, pressing a hard key switches the Palm on and then off again immediately). To switch on the T|E, you must use the power button, but even that does not simply switch it on, but displays a splash screen requiring a screen tap to dismiss it. So it is a great function if you want to prevent accidental power up, but a bit of a pain if you like to access your Palm without using the stylus.

One improvement I can imagine would be integration with the security feature, so that if Keylock was active, you only saw the password screen, not both.