Wednesday, November 26, 2003

StyriteUSA Combo Pack

Soon after receiving it I wrote about the Styrite P-arno 661 stylus - and it has been my constant companion ever since. It is small enough to be unnoticeable in a shirt pocket, so I find that I am using it instead of my T|E stylus and instead of my pen. A perfect piece of design.

Though you can buy it separately for $9.95, mine came as part of the Styrite Combo Pack, and I have not written about the rest of this. It comes in a plastic box about the size of a pencil case, and includes the P-arno 661, a screen protector, a screen cleaning cloth, and a retractable sync'n'charge cable. The screen protector is very similar to, but appears to be slightly better quality (i.e. longer lasting) than Palm's own brand one which comes with the T|E. One nice feature is that Styrite provide a 'squeeze card' and instructions to help you achieve a bubble free finish.

The cleaning cloth is microfibre, which is what I use all the time for cleaning both my Palm and my glasses. Unlike the microfibre cloths I am used to, it has a textured finish. But it seems to work fine. My only gripe here is that the way it was packaged - wrapped tightly around a piece of cardboard - has actually marked the cloth.

The sync'n'charge cable is of a familiar design. Since Styrite do not do one for the T|E yet, I go one for my T|T. I have a very similar cable from Brando, but this is better, in that it fits the T|T more securely. The Brando one tends to pop off if you are not careful.

All-in-all, the Combo Pack would make an excellent Christmas present for a PDA user (they do one for most models). Like all the best presents, it continue to be used long after Christmas.

Styrite also do a 4-way multi-function stylus (the P-arno 641) for $14.99, which is much better quality than any similar products I have tried, and two USB based power solutions, a car charger and wall charger, which are used in conjunction with a sync'n'charge cable.

I rather like the thinking behind this company: they have gone for a limited range of really good quality products. The P-arno 661 is the only truly innovative product in their line-up, but the others are all useful, well-made, and worth looking into.