Sunday, December 07, 2003


For a very roundabout reason, which only a man who describes himself as Bignoseduglyguy knows, I have just re-read Trevor Casswell's excellent article about how he understands the Zen of Palm. In it he says:
For example: we often reach for a PDA when we would normally reach for a pen and paper, to jot down a quick note, make a list of things to do, or enter an appointment in our diaries. PalmOS applications, therefore, try to mimic the immediacy of pen and paper by allowing you to enter or edit data 'in-position'; all you have to do is tap on the right spot on the screen and start writing. It's quick, simple, and has the great advantage of allowing you to see everything in context.

This reminded me of one of the simplest and best freeware word-processing apps for the Palm: Freewrite. Freewrite is designed for schoolkids, and has a remarkable feature which should e an option on every word-processor: wherever you tap on the screen, you can start writing. So suppose you want to indent some text, you do not need to enter lots of spaces or tabs, just tap where you want the text to start and get writing!

P.S. Freewrite certainly used to be free, but now the website describes it as a 'demo' version, but does not seem to provide any means of paying for it. I suspect they make their money out of consultancy and thus don't want to appear to be giving stuff away.