Thursday, January 08, 2004

Calendar/Tasks/Contacts etc

Bryan has written in asking about whether one can use the new PIM apps on a T|T2. Well, I don't have a T|T2 (but aren't they good value at the moment?) but I do have a T|T, so I did a limited test. I transferred the Calendar app and localization from the T|E to the T|T.

It works!!! That is, the Calendar app runs and writes to its own database. So Calendar and Datebook can co-exist and write to different databases. The version of PalmDesktop which comes with the T|E has a conduit to sync CalendarDB, so data entered into Calendar on the T|T appears on Palm Desktop. Cool or what?

However, it appears that alarms do not work, because Calendar is not liaising properly with the OS for that sort of thing. I have not tested this rigourously, but it is likely to be the downside for those looking for a simple but illegal way to upgrade their T|T.

I think I will waste some more time messing around with this idea, since it sounds fun.

Fisio 825 driver

Andre from Mainz has written in to say that Palm (well, PalmOne, to be precise) have rather quietly released a phone driver for the Fisio825. To save you looking for it, I have posted it here.

Standard disclaimer:

Please, please, please back-up your Palm before installing it. AND make a back-up of the back-up. I make absolutely no promises that it will or will not do anything. Look I am just trying to be helpful, so don't blame me if something goes wrong.

Happy New Year (belatedly)

Sorry about being quiet for so long. You know, the usual hassles: work, family etc. ...