Saturday, January 10, 2004


Recently I had a re-organisation of the cabling in my study and dusted off the 4-port USB hub. Now we all know that the T|E takes a trickle charge via USB, so I had a thought: the USB hub is powered, so perhaps it can deliver the trickle charge when the Mac is turned off, say overnight.

Unfortunately this proved not to be the case: 8 hours plugged in to the powered USB hub made no difference whatsoever on my battery level. That's a pity.

HOWEVER, I have bought one of these cables from Brando, and it is rather good. The basic idea behind the Syncdicator cable is that it is a sync'n'charge cable with a Hotsync button and a coloured LED to tell you that charging or sync-ing is going on. But the T|E version is slightly different: not Hotsync button and two connectors for the PAlm. One is the mini-USB, the other a power supply. Given that the T|E can charge through its USB connection, this might seem rather pointless, but it is not. It appears that it charges much more quickly from a USB connection directed into the AC input than one only directed into the USB input. [At some point in the last sentence my vocabulary gave out - but I am sure you get the picture: with an ordinary USB cable the T|E can trickle charge, but with the Syncdicator cable it can charge at something approaching the full rate.]