Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Covertec Deliveries

I ordered a case for my T|E from Covertec last week. I was a little disconcerted to find that their shipping charge was �12, i.e. more than �8, for a small, light item. This seems to be because they use FedEx.

So I had a good scout around the website to see if they gave any indication of how long it would take to arrive. After all, Expansys only charge �4.20 for guaranteed next day delivery of items in stock. And they give you the Royalmail tracking reference so you can discover if it has been delivered at home while you are at work. But Covertec do not give any indication whatsoever of how long it will take for the case to arrive. There is not even the usual weasel-ish mail order disclaimer 'Goods may take 28 days to be delivered'. So when will it arrive? 5 days and counting so far.