Monday, January 26, 2004

For Sale

Fellow Foxpopper Alan Barlow is selling a T|T3 for �150 plus p&p (Uk only). That seems a real bargain. I have bought stuff from him before and it has always been of excellent quality.

You can contact Alan direct: alan foxpop co uk (fill in the blanks for yourself)

or via me.


It turns out that the guy who runs is a friend of ELisabeth Liddell's, the editor and webmistress of Foxpop. I might be getting the loan of a Zaurus SL-C750!

Covertec Update

Still no sign of the case I ordered on the 15th, but we have a clue: they charged my credit card on the 22nd, so assuming they charge on dispatch, it might be here soon.

Ironically, I today received samples of both the leather and the leather/nylon Covertec cases via Craig. I had rather given up on these arriving. They came just as I was leaving the house, so I just grabbed the nylon/leather one. My first impressions are positive (once I had cut through the packaging!) and I may become very attached to it, EXCEPT that there is not cut-away for the headphone socket. As regular readers will know, I often listen to Audible books while walking, but I may not be able to with this case.