Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Covertec and Headphones

So the last 24 hours has been love/hate with the Covertec case. It is really nice to use: the Palm is held firmly, but not hidden behind acres of leather, the buttons are accessible, and because the back of the case is narrower than the Palm, it feels good in the hand.

But then there is the headphone problem: the case will not come anywhere near closing with the headphones plugged in. 'If they can drill holes to let the sound out of the speaker, why couldn't they make a whole or the headphones?' I kept asking myself. After all, that is what the E&B Slipper case does.

Then I twigged. If you do that on a flip-top case, then you cannot open the case while the headphones are plugged in. So you cannot Play, Pause, change track, adjust volume, or anything else without unplugging the headphones.

I guess Covertec are not just plain stupid, but if there was a cut-away for the headphones, at least I would have the option. I guess that is the difference between a French design and an American one.