Saturday, January 31, 2004

Another off topic post

Some people think the lack of face to face contact over the web makes for impersonality and, even worse, for bad manners. While much evidence can be cited in favour of this opinion, it is delightful to find counter-evidence. Two people I have recently had e-mail exchanges with, each of whom I only know through common interests on the web, have stuck me as exceptionally polite. I am talking here about genuine politeness, which, unlike 'customer-service politeness', means giving time and attention to another person however minor the business in hand. So my personal awards for the best manners on the web, based on a ludicrously small and not at all random sample, go to:

[cue drum-roll]

Shaun McGill and Mike Rohde.

Off Topic

I have started using Mozilla Firebird this week, and it is excellent so far. The reason for the switch was a website designed for MSIE6 which would not work in Safari. I am now using Firebird for Blogging because it gives access to all Blogger's features and not just the streamlined version I see in Safari.

The website, Welsh Whisky, is worth a look because I bet you did not know there was such a thing as Welsh Whisky. My wife was thinking of buying me a bottle of the Single Malt for St. David's Day, until we installed Firebird and saw the price tag: �200 a bottle not including taxes! Charging prices like that is a sure way to keep the existence of Welsh Whisky hidden from the world.