Monday, February 02, 2004

AvantGo for OS X

Just in case you have not heard, and independent developer has produced a Mac OS X conduit for AvantGo. This is something AvantGo consistently refused to do, often saying it was too difficult.

Well, I have installed it and it works a treat (once I had (a) reactivated my AvantGo account, and (b) discovered that if you check the box in AG Connect to install the data to the SD card, the data still goes to RAM but cannot be found).

I stopped using AvantGo when I moved to OS5 and they did not. Then I discovered iSilo and did not look back. This evening's experiments just served to remind me why. If you want subscription content, then AvantGo is the way to go, but if you just want mobile editions of websites, iSilo is more controllable and has no size limit. It also has a much smaller footprint on the Palm, and creates files you can share with other iSilo users on any platform.

Grass Roots

It is nice when a new piece of software is created from customer demand (rather than vice versa - the marketing man's dream of 'make the product then create the demand'). Here is the story:

Shaun McGill at PDA24/7 became hooked on a little game called 'Escape' which you can play online. He quickly converted many of his readers, as the Forums at PDA24/7 bear out. Then the question arose: Why no Palm version of this game?

Shaun found a developer prepared to write it, did his best to discover if there was a copyright holder of the original idea (it seems not), and the game was born:

Shaun is charging a very reasonable price ($2.95) and 50% of the proceeds go to Save the Children (the other 50% to runnning PDA24/7).