Friday, February 06, 2004

Sharp Zaurus SL-C750

The Zaurus has arrived - I have not used it much yet, but it is totally gorgeous. The screen is stunning. I remember when I first had a Clie, I realized that hi-res was more important than colour to me, and now I am in danger of being spoilt by this extraordinary 640x480 screen. All those pixels are packed into an area almost exactly the same size as the T|E screen (including graffiti area), and the striking difference is how easy the text is to read.

I had tried out Qtopia (the software suite which runs on top of Linux on the Zaurus) on an iPAQ two years ago, but find this much more easy to use. Perhaps the software has been improved (my memory is not that good), perhaps it is the keyboard.

Anyway, expect many more postings on this little beast. And feel free to e-mail questions, which I will try to answer on the Blog.