Thursday, February 12, 2004

More on Palm Desktop for OSX

Aaaaaaaargh! Read this from PalmInfocenter, then go buy a product to support Mark/Space!

What really depresses me about this announcement is the reasoning. If PalmSource said that there were too few Mac users to make development worthwhile, I might question their claim, but if it was right, the decision would be reasonable. But instead they are dropping Mac support because they want to become Micro$oft lackeys. The logical consequence of this decision is that PalmSource stop developing a desktop client altogether and tell evryone to use Outlook. When that happens, a Linux PDA will become irresistable to me.

Palm Desktop for OS X

I have never liked the way Palm Desktop 4.1 for OSX handles memos, and now I have found a serious ground for complaint.

On the Palm, memos are just a single text field, the first line of which is used as a title in the list view. But Palm Desktop tries to treat the title as if it were a seperate text field. And it decides that the end of that text field is constituted by the first full-stop (period), if that comes before the first carriage return/linefeed. OK, that is just mildly inconvenient. But what is very wrong is that PD inserts a carriage return/linefeed after that full-stop. I.e. it changes the content of your memo without asking first.

For example, suppose you have a memo which consists of nothing but an URL:

On the desktop, this will appear in the list view as: http://www. as will any other URL memo. So you don't know which is which. But even worse, the memo will become two lines:


This has the consequence that you cannot simply cut and paste that URL into your browser without editing out that errant carriage return. Bad, bad, bad.