Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Covertec and Headphones Again

I really love the Covertec case, but the headphones business was getting on my nerves to such an extent that I had started window-shopping for an alternative. Then I decided to take the plunge and modify the case. The point where the hole would need to be has no re-inforcement, being the 'hinge' of the case, so the prospects for making the incision myself were good. I used a single-hole punch which we use at work on exam scripts and this was the result:

The hole from the insideseparatorThe hole from the outside

It is working

Well, I downloaded the Audible iTunes plug-in and installed it. That recopied the Audible Player to my T|E, so I did a Hotsync to get everything stable. Then opened iTunes and 'Enabled Communication' in the Audible Player. And there in iTunes was 'Palm OS5 Device (main)' and 'Palm OS 5 device (card)'. Drag the file over, activate the device with my password and copying begins (very slowly, of course).

Next I will see if iTunes can transfer to the SD card when it is in a card reader.

Believe it or not, I find this really exciting. Sad.

Audible have released a beta of the Mac to Palm Software

Yippee!! Though it suggests that there is only Clie support at the moment. I will test it with my T|E and report back.