Monday, March 22, 2004


Browsing PalmAddict today I was interested by the many entries on the 'My top ten applications' theme. And lots of them mentioned YAPS, so I had to find out what it is: a freeware password manager with 256-bit encryption. It also comes with a cheap ($9.95) desktop viewer for Windows.

I used to use the freeware STRIP (Secure Tool for Recalling Important Passords, since you asked), and YAPS looks very similar. But I recently moved to Secret! for three reasons:

1. Free OS X viewer.
2. Freeform memo-style records allow many many different types of data to be stored.
3. It imports from and exports to the MemoPad database.

The third is very useful for simply copying software registration e-mails into a new Memo on teh desktop and then importing them into Secret! later. And for everyday purposes, the 128-bit encryption of Secret! is plenty. After all, my password is not all that secure at about 16 characters.

RSS this Blog??

It is about time I got around to adding an RSS feed to this Blog. But RSS is not a technology I have used myself, so any advice or suggestions on how best to do it would be welcomed.

I am also looking into making the archives searchable.