Wednesday, March 24, 2004

BugMe! Bug

At the weekend I remembered that I owned a license for BugMe! which I bought when using a Clie with no Notepad. I stopped using it when I went back to Palms. Anyway, I decided to give it another run and have really enjoyed the ability to use different coloured �inks� on a single note. I also find it writes more smoothly than Notepad, and the thumbnail view, though a bit slow, is very useful.

Unfortunately it seems to be causing a problem. The first couple of times I run it each morning it crashes my T|E. Worse, it crashes it in a way that needs a pin in the back to reset, and that means taking the T|E out of my Covertec case. So this is really annoying.

First time it happened, I did not blame it on BugMe! and wondered if it was simply that the T|E had got cold overnight (in my bedroom, since I always sleep with a window open) and that was affecting the hard buttons, which is how I launch BugMe! The alternative explanation was that it had something to do with BBVFS, which runs automatically at 3 a.m. So when it happened again, I decided to run BBVFS manually to see if that allowed me to recreate the crash. And it did:

If I run BBVFS, then the next two, sometimes more, times I run BugMe! from a hard button, the Palm crashes. If I run BugMe! from the Launcher first, no crashes ensue.

I will submit a bug report, but I have little hope of a resolution given that it appears to be a clash between two apps, and both are from commercial developers. My bet is that each blames the problem on the other. Meanwhile I am deciding whether to go back to Notepad, which looks and feels very dull after 3 days with BugMe!, or to stop mapping it to a hard button. The idea behind that was to make entering quick notes even quicker, but if I am going to scribble on the screen, I am bound to have a stylus in hand, so launching via LauncherX does not seem such a problem.

UPDATE: Between submitting a bug report to BlueNomad and on eto ElectricPocket, I uninstalled BBVFS and installed BackupMan instead. Same crashes occurred, so it is definitely a BugMe! problem.