Tuesday, April 06, 2004

BugMe! Notepad

I did not realize that Electric Pocket is a British company until today, when I was reading a Press Release for BugMe! Notepad. This is an update to the original BugMe!, now called BugMe! Classic, specifically designed for Palm OS 5 (though they say that there are some incompatibilities with the Tungsten T and T2).

The main new features seem to be:

1. Scrollable notes (like Palm's own Notepad)
2. Import and export of jpegs
3. Clip art
4. WAV alarms
5. 'Live', i.e. clickable, phone numbers, email addresses and URLs (especially useful for smartphones or bluetooth devices hooked up to GPRS phones)

My primary interest is to see if it cures the bug I mentioned a while ago. Certainly, this launch explains the silence from their support team, who must have had higher priorities. Now the website officially 'recommends' BugMe! Notepad for OS 5 and BugMe! Classic for OS 4 and below. The new product is $19.95 and the upgrade half that until the end of April.