Thursday, April 08, 2004

Memos on the Desktop

Sometimes I want to save some text I am reading or writing on the Mac to a memo on my Palm, perhaps a bit of a webpage, an email, or some notes. Other times I want to keep useful bits of text on my Palm so they are always accessible.

This needs me to have good read/write access to my Memos database under Mac OS X. While Palm Desktop can do this, it is cumbersome, memory hungry, and has many small irritations like inserting a carriage return at the first full-stop, treating notes attached to appointments and to-dos as memos, and mixing Tasks, Calendar, Contacts and Memo categories into one big heap. So I have been looking for a leaner alternative.

Thanks to ClieSource, I think I have found it in iPalmMemo from QueueSoft. This pretty much works as a memopad/memos application on the Mac OS X desktop. So far it seems to work great, and at $9 it is a bargain. Here is a screenshot which just about says it all: