Tuesday, April 20, 2004

BugMe Notepad

I am going to write a full review of this flagship British product later in the week. Meanwhile, Electric Pocket have released a beta of version 5.03 which addresses some issues with earlier versions.

Iain Barclay at Electric Pocket has been very helpful and positive about the bugs and other concerns I have reported, so my current impressions of the company are very positive. It is a pity that they did not do more public beta testing before the initial release, so that the all important first impressions of the product were better.

GrxView Thumbnails

While I was on holiday last week I made use of GrxView to look more carefully at the photos I had taken on my digital camera. After putting the SD card from my camera into my T|E and firing up GrxView, I noticed a sizeable chunk of RAM went missing. Further investigation revealed that GrxView stores its thumbnails in a database in RAM. Is this a good idea? It is certainly different from AcidImage and other rival products.

CONS: The thumbnails database quickly gets very large, easily eating up over 1mb of RAM. This is OK for photos one wants to keep in an album, but to have thumbnails stored in RAM of every image taken on the camera seems wasteful of memory. One can manually clear the thumbnail cache, or automatically every time GrxView is closed, but the latter slows things down immensely and both suffer from being 'all-or-nothing' procedures.

PROS: Thumbnails draw fast and SD cards taken from cameras etc do not get cluttered up with lots of small thumbnail files which need manually deleting.