Friday, April 23, 2004

Electric Pocket

I am beginning to really like this company. Not only are they British, but they have now really got the hang of public beta testing: two problems I reported on Wednesday is already fixed in the current beta version. Any BugMe Classic owners have a week to take advantage of the discounted upgrade offer. Now the developers have shown a commitment to the software development model which involves the consumer in the process, I would recommend this.

BugMe NotepadseparatorBugMe thumbnails

Looking at the products Electric pocket is currently developing, I suspect that before too long one will be able to send a BugMe note as a picture message over your mobile phone. That would be a really useful tool.

Zire 72 and MultiMedia Messaging

The wonderful PDA24/7 has pointed to an article about the new Zire72 at PC Pro which has a date of 28th April, suggesting that it has been made live a little early!

What interested me most is that the Zire 72 may incorporate the ability to send MMS picture messages from the Palm via a bluetooth enabled phone:
And with the MMS building app, you can send picture messages to mobiles and other devices (that have both Bluetooth and MMS capabilities).

Those with long memories will know that I suggested this as the perfect solution to the problem of places banning camera phones, and a good reason to be a two-boxer rather than have an integrated device. Since that was slightly less than two months ago, I don't think I can infer that the designers at PalmOne read this blog ;-(