Friday, April 30, 2004


Everyone who sends in a nomination for a Mac-friendly Palm developer will be entered in a prize draw. The prizes will be free registrations of one of Paul Nevai's products.

Paul is a Mac fanatic and his products include the ultimate text-editor pedit and the amazingly powerful super-utility pToolSet. Both of these allow very sophisticated scripting, so if you have a good collection of Apple scripts, these are the tools you need to do the same on your Palm.

Thanks Paul.

Mac-friendly Hall of Fame

I am planning to put together a list of the most Mac-friendly Palm developers and would welcome nominations. In case I don't know or can't remember the details of your recommendation, please provide a link and rate them as follows (I will find some nice graphics for the list when I put it together):

3 apples: Full Mac desktop support (e.g. SplashID or iPalmMemo)
2 apples: Full Mac conduit (e.g. Documents to Go)
1 apples: Mac desktop/conduit provided but with reduced functionality (e.g. HandBase)
1 lemon: Only Windows executables available for download (e.g. PDAMill's Snails)

Email your nominations to the normal address.