Wednesday, May 05, 2004

HandBase Desktop

Simon pursued the question of Mac OS X support on the HandBase forum this week and received this interesting response from David Haupert at DDH:
Simon, we've been in a rotten situation with our Mac support for some time now- we have switched programmers several times, and spent a great deal of money and resources on the Mac work over the last year and half. What really stinks is that despite spending all this time, effort, and especially money, we still don't have anything to show for it from the customer's perspective! So you have only to go on my word (and empty wallet ;)) that we have been pursued this way beyond what you'd conclude having seen the results. That being said, I believe we're getting to the peak of the higher-than-expected mountain and should be able to launch this in the near future.

This sounds honest and heartfelt to me. David also mentioned that they are aiming for a mid-June release date, so polish up your credit card.