Friday, May 28, 2004


PDA24/7 drew my attention to a clever sounding keyboard replacement utility called Alphatros, which claims to have some sort of letter prediction, putting the predicted next letter in the middle of the keyboard.

I like this sort of thing, so I thought I would try it out, but now regret my curiosity. Alphatros activates itself automatically on install. It then caused some nasty conflict with LauncherX which led to a crash every time I tapped the home button. Even a warm reset would not solve it. Fortunately I was able to launch Filez via TealLaunch and delete Alphatros (though that involved several resets to delete the preferences file) *and* LauncherX.

The moral is: don't even think about trying this software unless you (a) know how to do a warm reset, (b) have multiple means of launching utilities like Filez and Uninstall Manager which you need to clean up any mess it creates.

Since I suspect that the conflict was to do with icons, it might work simply to delete the LauncherX icon cache, but I am not going to risk another dozen resets to find out!

What a waste of half an hour - I had better get back to my marking.