Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Speaker Update

If I were to try to fix my speaker problem myself, I would not be the first to have a go at mending their T|E themselves. The beauty of the internet is that Berdan has published photos of what is going on inside a T|E which reveals what my problem must be.

If you look at the first and the last of his photos you realize that the speaker is attached to the back cover and connected to the circuit board not by a cable but by a pressure contact (it is 20 years since I have done any practical electronics, so I have no idea what the proper term for this is). Obviously mine is not exerting enough pressure.

What I have learnt from attempts to mend cheap torches with dodgy slider switches is that it is incredibly difficult to bend one of these enough to improve the contact without either getting it out of alignment or breaking it through metal fatigue. So I am still undecided what to do.

Maybe it is just a bit of dirt in the connection and the problem will resolve itself? We can but hope.