Monday, July 19, 2004

That crash

It happened again when I got to work this morning, but while the iSync conduit was running. I don't run any PIM conduits at home, so this made clear that it was not the backing up per se which was the problem, but any conduit accessing ToDoDB.

So I deleted ToDoDB and TasksDB from the Palm and installed Friday's backup of TasksDB. Then set the backup bits to 'on' again and everything is running smoothly.

It looks as if TasksDB had become corrupted in a way which affected the datamanager. This must have been caused either by resetting the password, or restoring from BackupBuddyVFS or the combination of both.

All this reminded me of a serious inadequacy in the Palm Hotsync software: it does not archive backups. Psion introduced this standard feature into PsiWin seven or eight years ago, allowing up to six incremental archives of backed up files on the PC. Why isn't that standard in the Palm Backup conduit?