Friday, July 23, 2004

Hotsync Issues

I don't normally use this blog to post about other blogs, but this one made me smile tonight. Rick over at MyPalmLife has been having trouble connecting his T|T3 with a Windows XP box. But he found a solution:
So to summarise if your having problems syncing follow these basic steps (at your own risk of course) :-
1. Open Device Manager and start deleting devices,
2. Open the registry and go wild. What is all this crap? You probably don’t need most of it so just delete stuff at random,
3. Reboot in safe mode, and ….
Bob's your Uncle, everything works fine. Now I wonder if the same technique works with that other app that keeps crashing the PC?


I was sitting down this evening to write something about an interesting app I had found. It was not interesting because of what it could do, because there are others out there which can do the same, or because it was a particularly nice 'user-experience', but because it had a decent level of functionality, making use of the hi-res screen, in only 24kb of program.

That made me realize how quickly I have come to accept that any Palm application which does something useful will be at least 150kb and many are over 400kb. As far as I can see, size is not directly proportional to functionality, so is it just lazy programming?

As I said, I was sitting down to write about this amazingly small application. So what happened? Well, I was deleting some records and otherwise preparing it to take screenshots when it crashed. Database must have corrupted. And now it crashing every time I open it. (Thank goodness for Uninstall Manager.)

So perhaps all that extra code is doing something - checking for errors.