Sunday, July 25, 2004


Well, I am off for my holidays to-morrow. I will be gone for a little over a week, so there will be no posting here and little if any moderating of UKPUG.

But I will not be entirely idle - I intend to test out two products. One is the Unversal Holster from Proporta, which the delightful Chloe kindly expressed to me to take on holiday.

It fits either my T|E (in a leather case) and keys and money, or my camera and phone (and some money). I suspect that I will be using it in the latter mode mainly.

The other is the BDicty dictionary software from Beiks. I was in Amsterdam last month and I took their English-Dutch Phrasebook, which was fairly good except that it did not have numbers. Doh! This time I am armed with the English to French Gold dictionary: since I have an O-level in French (remember those?), I should cope ...