Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Mac Un-friendly

I sold my Tungsten T on eBay yesterday and was pleasantly surprised by how much I got for it. Anyway, while making up a CD with the latest versions of Palm Desktop and the software update, I decided to add RealOne for Palm, so that the purchaser could listen to music straight out of the box. I went to Real to download it and when I clicked on the download link, I was redirected to a webpage saying 'This service is currently not available for Mac'.

It appears that the player only comes as a Windows executable, which is bad enough, but they will not even let you download it to a Mac to open it on a Windows box at a later time. I do this all the time since I have a Mac at work but have to support a dozen Windows machines: it is easier to make up a CD of all the Windows stuff I need to put on the other machines and then walk round the Department installing it.

To rub salt into the wound, Real have not updated the 'Installing and Using' page, which refers to installing under both Linux and Mac. This makes it completely clear that they have simply withdrawn non-Windows support - how difficult is it for them to have a zipped download as well as an executable?