Sunday, August 29, 2004


I have not posted anything on this Blog for quite a while now. This is for two reasons, namely that there has not been much to write about, and that most of my gadget-related time and energy has been spent either trying to sort out GPRS on my Virgin phone (Virgin have a really good pay for use GPRS deal - no monthly subscriptions just 0.5p per kb) or having endless problems with The Missing Sync version 4.

I have three big gripes with Missing Sync 4 (apart, that is, from the general instability etc.):

  1. The iTunes plug-in conflicts with the Audible iTunes plug-in. I have to UNINSTALL Missing Sync to transfer Audible content to my Palm.
  2. The iTunes plug-in does not read sub-folders of /Audio on the Palm. Duh!
  3. The new Memo conduit has a big problem with categories. Here is what I do: set Palm overwrites Desktop. Hotsync then open the Memo app on the Mac. Everything is just as it should be. Then set the conduit to synchronize. Hotsync, open the Memo app and the categories are screwed up.

What the memo conduit appears to be doing is creating a duplicate of each of my categories with the same name and putting all the memos into the new category. That is just a minor nuisance, but since it does not delete the old, now empty, category, it quickly runs up against the 16 category limit. So what does it do then? It chucks everything (over 200 memos from 8 categories) into Unfiled.

I reported these problems to Mark/Space on the 11th August and received a nice acknowledgement saying that they would try to reproduce them. They have not come back to me (surely if they could not reproduce the memo conduit problem they should have at least asked me to send them my memo database?) and have not dealt with the problems in their beta releases.

I have never heard anything but praise for Mark/Space before, but this has annoyed me. Even worse, they do not offer a trial version of Missing Sync, so I had to shell out $40 for this buggy software. If there had been a demo, I would be $40 richer today.