Friday, September 10, 2004

Another PPC thought

The XDA2 I am borrowing was sent to me with not one but two spare batteries, and the standard cradle enables a spare battery to be charged while the device is in the cradle. I think that user-replaceable batteries are a good thing and a definite hardware plus point with this device. Since you need to take the main battery out to change the SIM, which takes a lot longer than swapping a set of AAAs on an old Palm, there is also a back-up battery, which is Li-Ion but not user-replaceable.

All this emphasis on batteries led me to think that battery life would not be all that great. So I wanted to keep an eye on the battery level - but there is no battery indicator on the Today screen. There is not even one on O2's enhanced Today screen called Active. To find out the state of the batteries I have to go to Start>Settings>System>Power.

Of course there will be third-party applications which solve this problem, and we all know that most PalmOS power users install a third-party launcher to improve the visibility of battery and memory information, so I am not making this as a Palm vs. PPC comment. Rather it is XDA vs. any and every mobile phone I have ever seen. You would think that PPC Phone Edition would at least rectify this problem.