Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Irregularly Repeating Appointments

Scenario: You come out of the dentist's surgery and go to the receptionist to make your next appointment. You look through your DateBook and find a mutually convenient time and date. Now you enter the appointment. How?

The Palm way: You have already naviagted to the new date, now tap on the time (or enter it with graffiti to bring up the dialogue). Write 'Dentist', tap 'Details' button and enter location and category and end time. Tap 'Done'.

How it should be possible: Select today's dental appointment, tap (new) 'Repeat On' button which takes you to the Day View (with an extra button at the bottom - see what's coming), navigate to a mutually convenient date and time in consultation with receptionist, hit the new 'Select' button, and an appointment with the same name, category, location and duration is created.

Simplest solution: Add a 'Copy Entry' function which copies name, category, location and duration, which can then be pasted into the new date and time.