Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Keeping Notes Organized

Back in my Psion Days I was a great fan of Notepad Deluxe. Many people thought it was a hierarchical task manager and preferred the more powerful RMRTask. But the point of Notepad was that it was not hierarchical (though it could emulate that) - it used a system of linked pages, and the links could go from any page to any page. On each page one had records, with title, body, start date, due date etc., but that was just to provide maximum flexibility.

I have not yet found a Palm replacement, but NoteStudio from DogMelon has the same idea of using linked pages rather than a hierarchy. Unfortunately, it currently only has a Windows desktop and is thus shipped as a .exe file. Looking at their forums, it appears that an OS X desktop is under development, and even better, they now offer the Palm application as a separate download.

NoteStudio is very expensive ($50), so first I intend to try out AcroWiki. This uses a standard Wiki syntax to create links and formatting, but the brilliant thing about it is that it uses the Memo database. When you first open the AcroWiki application, it creates a WikiIndex, which is a page with links to each of your existing Memos.

By using a standard Wiki syntax and the Memo database, there is no need for a special conduit or desktop tools. Brilliant, and all for $15. This may be what I am looking for to organize my now unwieldy Memo collection.