Sunday, October 10, 2004

Music Please

I have had a pretty stressful week and found myself wanting to listen to music more often than normal. From which I learnt two things: the Zire72 is pretty good for music and I have a very limited selection of good stress-busting music.

So I have come up with the following plan to widen my tastes. I am going to ask all of you to send me your favourite mp3. Just a single track, please, but with the full ID3 tag. Let's make this clear, this is not piracy but fair use. I want you to lend me your favourite tracks so that I can listen to them and buy the albums of the ones I like. I.e. it is the virtual version of borrowing someone's CD to see if you like it. That is why I need the full ID3 tags, so I know what to buy.

AcroWiki Again

Edward Ross from Acrocat Software wrote in to question my rather casual claim that AcroWiki was 'full of bugs'. I guess I may have been a bit intemperate, having spent 90 minutes with AcroWiki and still unable to get it to do what I wanted, so I am going to give it another go.

If any readers who have tried it want me to pass comments on to Ed, just send them to the usual address.